Does anyone want a FREE Nuvera EA in the UK?


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We've got a 6 year old Nuvera EA 144 with high cap stacker that has been EOL'd by Xerox and so I've replaced it with a Canon Titan. Canon are disposing of the Nuvera for us, it's going for recycling / disposal, not reuse.

It seems a waste to me, so I'm wondering whether anyone can make use of it for spares etc? I've probably listened to one too many "re-use, recycle" lectures from my children, but it seems wrong to scrap that much current generation high tech manufactured machinery without at least asking if anyone else wants it.

To be clear, it will be gone from our factory within a couple of weeks max, so you need to be able to act quickly. I'm not going to strip any parts off for anyone, you have to take the whole thing. We can't load, you have to load it.

(no good deed goes unpunished, I'm going to regret trying to do the right thing aren't I?)

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What about Profitability?
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