Duplex printing issue using Pitney Bowes P/I Wizard & Output Manager


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Hi.. I'm a first timer to your forum. Thanks for having me. We are using Pitney Bowes P/I Wizard and P/I Output Manager software (version 1.4) and are having a duplex printing issue I was hoping to get some input on - We use Wipro to get some of our letters prepped for mailing. We get the PDF letters from WIPRO some are single page letters, some are multi page. There is no way to differentiate and they are not in any specific order. When processing the letters with the P/I Wizard application, the software reads the letters and looks for a static indicator on each page to determine when a new letter starts. We use the “Page 1 of …” at the bottom of each page as that indicator. The software then applies the 2-D barcode and creates a corresponding Mail Run Data File. This file is what the inserter uses to read the bar codes and knows what pages go together.

From there the completed print file with the 2-D bar code is sent to the P/I Output Manager. This is where we can set the file to print simplex or duplex. The problem is the output manager cannot determine when a new letter starts. It just prints the entire file duplex. So when there is a letter that has an odd number of pages, the first page of the next letter is printed on the back of the last letter. The Output Manger does not have the intelligence to know where there is a page break. This is all being printed on high speed Xerox equipment. They are Xerox Nuveras and older Xerox Docutechs.

Pitney Bowes said they would be able to write a script to solve the problem, but they may charge us for it and if there's an easy and economical work-around, that would be preferred - like can we write our own script? Anyone ever have a similar issue and were able to apply a fix on your own?


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