Duplo Business Card Cutter - Module repairs?


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Hello, first post :)

We have a Duplo CC-330 business card cutter that has started acting up after 1500 runs. The module jams after 3-4 sheets of paper, first the top right corner of the third column of cards starts bending, and then that column jams up in the module. I called our supplier about repairs and he told me he'd have to replace each blade, a total of 12 blades, for well over $1000. Has anyone else had problems with the modules? Has anyone tried repairs? I've taken the thing apart as far as I can and don't see anything unusual. I'm debating whether or not just to buy a new one.

From what I understand from this forum of the Duplo machines, they're great. I'm disappointed that it's acting up after 1500 runs, it doesn't seem normal. We have mainly been running 12-14pt paper through.
A. Are you running in normal mode or turbo mode?
B. What job template are you cutting? #01, #02, etc.?
C. When you say "third column" do you mean the one closest to the control panel or furthest?
D. 12 blades? I believe there is only one upper blade and the lower surface it cuts against. The "blades" in the slit cartridge wouldn't jam the machine.

In my experience, the blade will jam for one of three reasons: 1. ) The paper is too thick/the blade is dull. 2. ) The paper is too thin and buckles. 3. ) The pressure springs that keep the blade in place are worn and need to be replaced.

1. ) Our first blade lasted two years before showing signs of wear (~10 lots of 500 business cards a day). Brand new, it would cut heavier stock (14pt Carolina C2S and 130# Cougar). If you're not cutting 14pt in "normal mode" then you should be.

2. ) If the paper is thin, you should run in "turbo mode." The paper will buckle if the blade is traveling too slowly. Even in this mode, some of our paper won't cut. We have three types of 80# cover stock. Our CC330 will cut two of them just fine, but the third, 80# Baronial Ivory cover, will jam the machine. Go figure.

3. ) The pressure springs do wear out. The one closest to the control panel breaks easily. It is one of the smaller ones, even though it's under the most stress. This is the biggest design flaw in the CC330. The rotary motion of the motor has to be converted to a linear movement for the blade using gears and levers. The problem is, the blade is not fixed in a channel. It is allowed to move side-to-side. The pressure springs keep it in place.

I've used the CC330 for four years. Download the PDF manual. There is a Duplo one and a Formax one. Same machine, slightly different manual. Good luck.
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