Duplo DC 646 v DC 645


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Hi there.

I am thinking about purchasing a 646 (second hand) I have been offered a 645 at a fraction of the price. Obviously the 645 is quite a bit older. What are the main differences "spec" wise?
I be struggling to get a reasonable ROI on a 646 (unless I can get one very cheap) easy on a 645 based on my current volumes.

Any input much appreciated. thanks Simon


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Boggs Equipment has as used 646 at auction this week on wirebids. Based on past auctions I would expect it to sell for $30,000 USD give or take ab it. The 645 should be a good purchase as long as it comes with the control panel app for Windows. You can always sell the 645 to used equipment dealer when you outgrow it. Duplo just released a DC 648, so the 646 and 645 may have a price drop.


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thanks for this info As I'm in New Zealand I probably won't worry about the one on "wirebirds" Did Duplo miss a "647" model?
Same speed and rated for the same gsm for the 645 compared to the 646? thanks

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