Duplo Folder Error U2003


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Greetings all,

I just finished dealing with an issue on our new Duplo DF-1300L folder, though this is likely applicable to many of the previous models. The error seemed to occur intermittently, and there was very little info available on it online. I figured I'd make a post here for others to come across while googling.

Our operators would use the folder for a bit, and then the duplo would refuse to operate, citing error code U2003, "Suction Box Error". It instructed that we should remove obstructions from the paper feed area, and if the message reappears, to turn off lead edge detection. After hours of troubleshooting, it turns out that obstructions in the paper feed area were not the problem. What WAS the problem is that a switch was getting stuck and tricking the machine into thinking that the suction belt was lifted (like a stack of paper was left in the machine).

I have attached a graphic we created that describes the problem and the solution we found. Just posting to hopefully help someone else in the future.

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