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Has Fiery been bought out by ADOBE? I bought my Fiery 2 years ago new. Big mistake. Poor support. Excuses. I am trying to make a living and they are updating bi-weekly which causes conflicts with my printer.

I spent almost $100,000 (cash purchase C6085) with Konica Minolta - they suggested Fiery or CREO - I have serious regrets going with Fiery. My server is extremely slow processing VDP jobs. And Fiery is wanting to make you update and control everything. I have an Impose Dongle that I bought with a prior printer and now they are forcing me to get rid of as it doesn't work anymore. I called an EFI Rep ( directly with EFI) and he was the nastiest rudest person I have ever spoken too. He quoted me $2500 on a license for IMpose. I would consider spending the $2500 but at what point are they going to change name from Impose to something else and make you pay for it again? Very disappointed. I called my Konica Rep - and they are aware of this issue as well.


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Simply amazing.
You KNOW that you have arrived when people claim your company as the standard bearer.
ADOBE: Synonymous with Software Hostage.


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Leveraging your printer manufacturer (KM in your case) is your best bet. KM sells a significant amount of Fiery controllers so they should be able to accommodate your concerns to one extent or another. EFI is capping support of license dongles at version 6.5x, which is probably going to work just fine for some years to come. The trouble with dongles is that they're easily lost, stolen, or damaged in which case there's no obligation on the part of EFI to replace them. With license access codes if the PC it's installed on has to be rebuilt or replaced for some reason and someone forgot to save the old blue or green dongle then it's easy to have that code deactivated and reactivated on the new or rebuilt PC.

As far as your Fiery running too slowly for VDP jobs if it were one of ours (shameless plug for Ricoh) I'd be working with both you and EFI to resolve the issue. Often it has something to do with the VDP-emitting software itself and/or the output file type. If you're just using Word or Adobe merge files then there are other options, such as FreeForm Create, which is free from EFI.

We usually recommend disabling the update notices and only suggest installing Fiery patches when they actually fix a known problem. These patches by the way don't exist in an EFI vacuum because they're supposed to be vetted by the printer manufacturer so if the patch breaks something that worked before then it's up to KM (or whomever) to resolve it.


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The new Free Form Create software that is included with is speeding up the VDP process for us. Might download it and try it. It's free and was released fairly recently.


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I kind of miss our Fiery. We switched to the Prinect DFE from Heidelberg and so when there is an issue, the Heidelberg guys say it's a Ricoh issue (our digital) and Ricoh says talk to H-Berg.. UGH

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