E133034 - during the carring a plate, plate pad dropped the plate


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I would like to ask you for help with the following issue with N8-60XT multiple autoloader (1,5 year old) and ElitePro plates.

During last month customer gets sporadically error message:

"E133034 - during the carring a plate, plate pad dropped the plate"

Short history: There is this customer having an :Avalon N8-60XT(1,5 years old). Further on, the customer complained
about having issues with this "Exx3034 error"(for the last month, for almost 2 or 3 times per day). I was babysitting two weeks ago for about 3 hours observing 2 consecutive plates having problem: plate pad cups land on plate, don´t pick it up, plate pad goes to its origin and error msg occurs. After init autoloader works fine. I asked for help in Belgium at Agfa Support Engineers and they advised me to follow this settings: for error occurred during transporting the plate to the loader bridge(cassette data/load param./ppad to edge 20 to 15mm; pressure sensor P91 Hys. value (H_1) from 13.4 to 20) and for error occurred during pick-up plate (P_1 from -87 to -80).
I have applied these settings last week, right now, the engine works fine, the errors stopped occurring so often. Still, the customer complains that the error when plate is transported to the loader bridge still occurs, but no so often, it happens that the error to occur every day about(every other day).
I can say that right now, the customer is almost satisfied, but still.. :)

If there is somebody here around who encountered this kind of issue and can give me some advice, I'll be grateful.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Thank you in advance.

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