ECRM MAKO NEWSmatic experience


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I would love to hear your experiences with the ECRM MAKO violet NEWSmatic in a newspaper environment. Good, bad....

thx, gordo


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cant help you with the newspaper, we are sheetfed, but we have the mako 4 which is a similar machine, been running it for 5+ years and its had a few problems, mainly just the feed rollers that get the plate and pull the slip sheet out, apart from that, they are pretty reliable, we get approx 20 A2 size plates out in an hour, we run 2540, 200 line and its fine, we use the agfa azura plates, best match for the machine we have found, they do have problems with sensors etc beacuse theres so many doors and panels on them, but we just buy them direct from the supplier and replace them ourselves.


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ECRM is well known company in the imagesetters and platesetters. Their machines are very reliable. They offer 10 years warranty of the machines. Imagine-this is the whole life of the machine :) In the newspaper they are good, but suffer from very high speed. They have a Dotline model for the very high speeds.


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Very reliable. If you run a few hundred plates daily on a matic you still need one or two service visits per year for cleaning and lubricating just basic maintenance nothing unusual. The recorder engine itself is well built.


We have an ECRM Mako Newsmatic CTP system. Also use Protech 70 Plate Processor. ITs been very reliable. The only thing that we had to replace is the power supply. We just make sure we have a spare on hand. Other than that, it holds registration good and seems to be consistent. Its not the fastest Violet machine but is doable for newspapers

We are mainly an Newspaper Printer and also do commercial Printing.

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