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Good evening,

We are interested in pursuing DFS and are wondering if anyone has a good example of a site that uses DFS or if you use it yourself. If you use it, it would be great to see what your site looks like and also what it has done for your company. I would like to know downsides and how well it fits into your production workflow. I am looking for a seamless way to have a customer place an order online, say a business card or postcard, and have DFS take their money, give them a digital proof, print out a job order form, and send the job to the digital press in question or to prepress if needed to be run offset.

Also, we are looking to make our website with DFS very attractive and trendy. We don't want a website that looks like some kids in 2005 fresh out of highschool made it. Does DFS allow me to customize my website enough to utilize this? Do they provide you with a shell and you have to fill in the blanks or is it like an open slate that gives you an infrastructure to build upon?

Any information would be appreciated, as their product information page is lacking.

Edit: Also, what about preflighting of files? Can someone upload a 200 page PDF and they can specify which pages they want printed in color and others B&W? Just curious.
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