EFI Fiery XF Version 4 - Error - Job writing was not finished correctly


Hi All,

I'm having problems sending my Imposed files through the EFI RIP to our Epson 9900. All of the sudden(right around the time version 6 came out....), EFI Fiery has only been able to process one form at a time. So I'm having to wait til one is already printing to send the next file. I'm getting the error message "Job writing was not finished correctly". It's as if EFI isn't waiting long enought to start processing the next form, causing it to bottleneck and error out. This has never been a problem before and is really an annoyance. I've heard that you should be able to edit your input refresh rate on your hot folders(I'm using Prinergy Evo 5) but I haven't figured out how to do that either.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!



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I'm with Metrix technical support but have you tried Fiery support? If you're having trouble getting in touch with them let me know and I'll see who I can nudge your direction.

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