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Do any of you do embroidery in-house? Our program manager wants us to add new services and training opportunities and this is one that was mentioned. We are a county sheriff inplant (and inmate training program), so plenty of opportunity for uniforms, jackets, hats, etc. Plus, we offer our services to other county departments and non-profits.

All of us in the shop have absolutely no experience, so we're just doing tons of research online, and we went to the Impressions show in Long Beach last week to see demo's and meet vendors.

So to any of you that do it, we are open to any advice:
  • Best brands/vendors to consider? Who to avoid?
  • Things you wish you knew in the beginning?
  • How to price it?
In line with that discussion, since we are an education program for the inmates, we want to try and do the digitizing of the artwork in-house. We also have a computer lab where they learn desktop publishing and basics of graphic design, the Adobe Suite, Office, etc. We saw a few different software options at the show. If you happen to do that in-house, please share your experiences on that.


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@jwheeler - we are a software developer and many of our customers offer embroidery and screen printing services.

Here are some observations I have seen -


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Might want to try printify.com. Not sure on the cost/pricing, but I'm pretty sure you can get embroidered stuff.


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