Enfocus Virtual Safari - Free Seminars on Workflow Automation


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Enfocus Virtual Safari – July 11-15th

If you're interested in workflow automation, then you shouldn't miss the Enfocus Virtual Safari! 15 sessions are dedicated to workflow automation applications and solutions!

The Enfocus Virtual Safari is an free on-line conference/trade show that packs in 28 session, lead by over 30 speakers from 20 companies, and presented over 5 days, covering a wide range of educational and informative topics relevant to the professional print industry.

It's all free to attend, everyone is invited, and even if you can't watch the session live, sign-up and you'll get notified when the recording is available!

To view the schedule and sign-up, just click on the link below!


We look forward to seeing you at the Safari! Be sure to bring bug spray!

Michael Reiher
Enfocus product manager and safari guide

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What about Profitability?
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