Enviroflex—New Biodegradable Cleaning Products for Flexo


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Flint Group has introduced Enviroflex, a suite of biodegradable products for cleaning flexo presses, anilox rollers & rotogravure cylinders, flexo plates and flexographic printing facilities.

These biodegradable products—with minimal or no VOCs & balanced pH levels—were developed for daily maintenance & weekly/monthly deep cleaning, for a safe, employee work environment. Enviroflex was developed to eliminate soda blasting and deliver reliable cell depth on anilox rollers and rotogravure cylinders—reducing downtime & ink adjustments.

Enviroflex Products:
  • Enviroflex Aquawash—ISEGA approved general purpose cleaner for aqueous inks and coatings.
    • For cleaning ink metering systems, anilox rollers, plates, ancillary cleaning equipment & most press room surfaces.
  • Enviroflex Solvwash—An ink removing solvent for the removal of solvent based inks a&nd coatings.
    • For cleaning ink metering systems, anilox rollers and ancillary cleaning equipment.
  • Enviroflex UV Wash—A low hazard plate & roller cleaner for UV ink removal.
  • Enviroflex Daily & Deep cleaning systems—Low pH cleaner.
    • Eliminates the need for soda blasting.
  • Enviroflex Powerclean AL—ISEGA approved for automatic machine cleaning of anilox rollers with aluminium parts.
    • 100% safe and does not tarnish aluminum.
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