EOL on a 6-7 year old printer - what are consequences?

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At the end of our 5 year lease on our Xerox V80 we sold it to a friend as a favor. We sold it for the buy-out amount and took care to make sure we followed the rules to keep it under a Xerox click/maintenance program. Our friend is happy with it and has it under a Xerox click program. . Bu he has heard the the V80 will soon be designated End Of Life. We have never kept a machine that long so I don't know how to advise him. Will he be forced off the click program? Will maintenance be availble, perhaps from a 3rd party? How will he get parts and supplies? Perhaps this is a non-event? I did a quick search here but didn't really see answers for these issues TIA.


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I would say it depends on his service contract. If it’s a three year service contract with Xerox then I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Xerox would have given him a higher click rate based on the age and meter of the machine. This is why most people opt to upgrade, the higher click rate can easily cost you more than the new lease.

The V80 uses many but not all of the same parts as the V180, V280 and even the V2100, V3100, V4100. So, it’s not like the V80 is obsolete. It’s going to cost more to keep it running and Xerox and every other vendor wants to place new hardware in your shop instead of maintaining old.

With the exception of a few parts the Versant line is very stable and reliable. Unfortunately, Xerox doesn’t seem to be to stable right now so things could get challenging for all us Xerox users.


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I have had many devices go EOL…but none that quickly.

In my experience, they will keep servicing it until at least the contract is up, parts may become short supply or simply unavailable, and eventually if the machine breaks and can’t be fixed before the contract is up, you get out of it. Of course the costs go up to renew a contract as it gets older, and eventually Xerox just won’t renew it. This doesn’t always happen immediately, if they have a lot of parts relative to machines being serviced they may continue to renew for several years…but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this case today. Probably best to talk to sales / service manager directly to figure out a plan. If I were your friend, I would shop around, maybe a competitive brand will offer him a more favorable deal to get him to switch off Xerox.

Some machines like offline finishers you can often keep going long after EOL, but a modern color press I would say you’d be lucky to have it running / producing sellable quality even 6 weeks after service ends, or until you run out of parts.

I guess it may be possible that you could find a third party to put a service contract on it, but I doubt this would be cost effective in the long run.

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