EPSON 7800PRO Maintenance Request 0002 message??

Duncan Hyde

Well-known member
Hi Everyone,

My EPSON 7800 STYLUS PRO is displaying a 'Maintenance Request 0002 message'? on the display screen. Does anyone know what this really means? Or what does the error code stand for.

Thanks in advance!



Hello Ducan. I found this explanation-:0002- Carriage Motor/Ink Tube is near end of life (Clear Carriage
Motor Counter). I found this in a field repair guide. If you clear the carriage motor counter it should work
until the part expires. I hope this helps.


New member
Hi Everyone,
I found this link just recently, I know its a few years old.
I have the error 0002 on my epson 7800 printer.
I know how to access the service mode but I don't know how to reset the counter, to remove the message.
If member FnPDFs or anyone else can sent me the field maintenance guide I would be very grateful.


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