Epson Expands ColorWorks Label Media


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Epson has announced the expansion of their Label Media to include labels for its popular ColorWorks on-demand color label printers: the ColorWorks C6000 & C7500-Series. Epson’s 3-new media offerings give ColorWorks customers tested label solutions for reliability & longevity with the C6000 & C7500 printers. The new media provides photo-quality printing with clear, scannable barcodes and QR codes. Currently available through Epson’s network of authorized partners.

ColorWorks media for the C3500, CW-C6000A, CW-C6000P, C7500 and C7500G is available in standard sizes and comes in 3-types:
  • Durable Matte Synthetic Label—The permanent acrylic adhesive works on a variety of surfaces, including drums & plastic containers. BS-5609 certified, labels are resistant to many chemicals & are ideal for GHS chemical labels, pharmaceutical labels, medical device labels, laboratory labels and product labels requiring water or chemical resistance.
  • High Gloss Labelpremium color labels on a bright white glossy surface. Ideal for high-quality product labels, consumer box labels, etc.
  • Premium Matte Labelsmooth, matte white surface labels are fast-drying and resistant to smearing, fading, water and scratches. Ideal for barcodes, pharmaceutical, shipping, and many additional applications.

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