Epson Stylus Pro 10600 Ultrachrome ink NO POWER


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Our Epson 10600 lost power. I was running fine all day.
I changed the paper and lost all power. Tried plugging into
another working socket, no go. We have two Epsons and the
other is working just fine. Is there a local service rep in the 08077
area? Thank you for your time.



How's your stylus doing? Pretty sure you've done all the basic troubleshooting methods you can. I have done a little research for you. I have here Epson's troubleshooting tip.

Epson ---> Try visiting the epson website.

Hope this helps.


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Might sound stupid, but it cant hurt to double check. Are you sure the power cable is plugged in firmly into the 10600? Maybe it was loosened and sits only partially in, not enough to power the machine itself.

good luck.


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hi, i have similar problem, when turn on my 10000, i can hear only short click from power board and thats all. power bord is fine, i replaced in, maybe someone know, which fuse have to look on driver board?

and aother issue with my second 10000 is that, it is impossible to start in, all time shows error 10019, liquid sensor overflow (Ligh magenta), I have done everything, whats written in manual (excluding driver board exchange), but nothing. also installed new head, dampers, nothing. maybe anyone have solutions or idea how to solve it.


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i think that, fuse is blown out on mainboard, just dont know which! any suggestions?
Please make sure grounding is proper. Earth to neutral shouldnot exceed more than 1.5 volts. And check any electrical interference.


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everything checkeed, switched mainboards, it turns on, just other mainboard have problem, that shows liquid sensor overflow.

that board which didnt turn on, is blown fuse, if I found which one, will tell everyone, to know if future, if something like this happens.

does anyone knows, where to look if shows error: liquid sensor overflow? I have done everything, what written in service manual (except mainboard exchange), new heads, dampers, valves, inklines!!!


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Hi... i from colombia, i living a far far city.. jejeje, so i have many trouble with a plotter epson 10600, This I got from a friend who had it literally archived! ... so did give for me that is good for me and I'm looking fo get good condition to trying to have it fix. but this plotter has been stopped for more than a year (maybe 16 mouth).. :( . so it have all dirty, and I think the print-head is also dirty, so i did cleaning very very carefull, my friend said me that the last time was work good and did printing very good quality, but he get broke and close business so put all print and all inside the local and save in ther house and other.

I did call to Epson Colombia (bad support), and where I living now dont have any technical support for this, but they generously sent me the "FIELD REPAIR GUIDE" in PDF file, which I am leading and try to put this in good condition, the plotter is turn on, try to do cleaning process and do all well, dont print nothing 8i think the print-head is dirty) and show in many time the erro code "00010015" (ink tank black overflow), and so I try to looking for internet any solution, but i dont found some with this.. so i try to ask for help from my forum friends, I am the lithography heidelberg technician, I understand something about this but in kodan novajet plotter 750 and other ... epson but not ... then, any help or advice to help me is welcome, I hope in the future assist in any help you have hopefully in my field for heidelberg QMDI. Thank so much... god bless u.

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