Epson Stylus Pro WT 7900 Software


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Hi. I bought this printer on an auction recently. Tried everything to get the correct software. downloaded from epson ao. I have windowns 10 pro but I also tried a macbook as well as window 7 etc. According to the technical advisor in Cape Town it can only operate with the original software that was initially sold with the printer. Apparently I need some "rip software" to be able to get it communicating with my computer. I can imagine this. Anyone with any advise PLEASE?


yes you will need rip software either Onyx, Colorgate or some other rip. Not sure if there is any freeware that will do this for you.


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I think you will want a RIP of some sort for the many things it allows you to do. I have an Epson 9900 (not WT) with a Fiery XF RIP at home, it allows me to do things simply and easily, of course it also costs a pretty penny. I thought there were print drives that would allow you to print directly to a 7900? Might be different with the WT version.


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