Epson Surecolor P9000 Bad Print Nozzle


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Good Day,
I am reaching the end of my wits.

I have an Epson Sure Color P9000 that had a Light Cyan printing poorly.
This, in turn, made all my prints come out reddish.
I did what I could to try and bypass using this one nozzle since it was the only one that was bad and all other nozzle checks came out perfect.
nevertheless, Epson wants you to use all 12 colors for printing and I just had to endure this until I could fix the problem.

My company had me purchase a cleaning kit.
I disassembled the unit so I could get the printhead and clean it out.
While attaching the syringe to the printhead and slowly pressing the cleaning solution through, I could see a spray into the cup that looked unobstructed. (this is after soaking the printhead in the solution for 15 minutes)
I assembled the unit back together and the Light Cyan is still not working as it should.

Not sure what to do next.
I considered buying a cleaning cartridge and sending that through the line to see if that will resolve the issue.
Or if there was a way for me to do this with the syringe I already have available.
Or if I should just bite the bullet and purchase a brand new printhead.

In any case, thanks for any feedback you are able to provide.

Attached are what my printhead and Light Cyan currently look like.
I know there are other prints looking not 100%. I am still doing cleaning cycles.
Thing is, while other colors are filling in. Light Cyan has stayed like this. Which is how it looked before this printhead cleaning session.


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I could be wrong but it sounds like you've done everything possible. Sadly, you probably need a new print head.



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Thank you for the reply.
I did another disassemble and cleaning today and tired flushing the lines a bit. All inks are great except light cyan.
looks like I will have to get that new printhead.
The good news is, at least I know how to install it myself.


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That's awesome! The printhead alone will probably be rather expensive so if you can save on labor costs, that's a plus!


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