Esko Donates Millions in Equipment, Software to Clemson


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[h=2]Esko Donates Millions in Equipment, Software to Clemson[/h] Esko–a global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging, labels, sign and display industries–is giving Clemson University equipment, maintenance and software valued at $26,703,750 over a 5-year period. Thanks to this gift, Clemson students will be working with cutting-edge design equipment, software and tools for years to come.

Clemson’s Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics–with a curriculum built around Esko equipment and software–is the only university program in the country with a multidisciplinary approach to packaging as a core competency. Esko has been a partner of the Clemson Institute since 2008.

The institute focuses on designing environmentally sustainable packages; developing electronic films that can be printed on packages to create displays, track shipments or apply environmental or biological sensors; testing package design impact on consumer attention, buying patterns, use and disposal in its consumer experience lab; and integrating the multiple steps in package design and construction into a single workflow.

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