Esko WebCenter-18 packaging management software released


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Esko has announced a major release of its packaging management software—WebCenter-18—available now.

WebCenter-18 manages packaging specifications & project life cycles for an entire design project. Managers can review products as they will look on the shelf, via 3D models.

There are built-in & custom templates that comply with Nutrition Fact Tables and Over the Counter Drug Fact regulations. This feature removes manual processes, improves accuracy, reviews feedback and reduces approval times. 3D packaging models can also be used to communicate internally or online, with retailers & consumers.

WebCenter-18.0 improvements include:
  • Graphic Content Management functionality to centralize artwork & merge it into templates, logging symbols, logos, barcodes, packaging copy and graphics.
  • Capturing data about the number of approval iterations and the reasons for rejections.
  • A social media-like instant messaging function inside the context of a specific project, storing all communication for full traceability and transparency.
  • A 3D review process allowing stakeholders to view the finished product and see the proposed packaging.
Info on WebCenter-18 for brands: here.

Info on WebCenter-18 for converters: here.

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