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I am looking for manuals, parts lists, diagrams, (anything!) for Electro Sprayer Systems' E-500 unit that is found on circa-year-2000 Komori presses.

Electro Sprayer Systems was sold 15 years ago to Harris & Bruno, who sold it to another company that went out of business.

If you can help me find any of these materials I would be grateful.


I have an ESS E-600 on a 2001 Komori L428P that I need a static tube for. There is no information in the manual on part numbers or anything. Does anyone have any information on these units for Davarino and Myself?

Thank you in advance!


If you need static tubes for an old ESS system, you can purchase them through Southern Lamps

Diagrams and manual attached


  • E-500 Powder Delivery System (1).pdf
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  • E-500_Parts.pdf
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  • ess diagram.pdf
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