excessive plate wear on Kodak thermal direct plates


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We've been using Kodak's no process thermal direct plates for a few years now. Other than the plate being very easy to scratch we've been happy with them. Until about 3 or 4 months ago. We began having image wear, very inconsistent image wear. At times makeready impressions of 100 sheets would start showing wear. Other times we could make 5000 impressions before seeing wear. Now I guess I should say that my issue seem to coincide with the moving of the Kodak Colorado operations to Georgia.

Initially I thought it was an issue with the Creo Trensetter, maybe we had lost some diodes in the head. I had Kodak webex into the machine and check it out. Of course since they want me to buy a new one I get the "This head has a very bad laser profile and should be replaced." I get a second opinion from a company in Spain who webex's in and says the head is fine.

I immediately contacted a long time friend with Fuji and asked him to ship me some of their thermal direct plates. He did and my plate wear issues are gone as long as I use the fuji plate.

We've contacted Kodak and set them samples of worn plates as well as printed sheets and progressives showing our issue. We've also let them know that our contract with them is void until they get this taken care of.

I'm wondering if anyone else has been having issues since late 2009 with these plates.


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Thanks Psd,

I read over that entire thread, it doesn't deal exactly with the issues we were having with the Kodak TD plate but there was some interesting reading there.


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"Thanks for your input. Most people I have spoke to say the same, but there are companies who are still having proplems with run lenghts
which is leading to other propblems which is making me a bit hesitant to take the final leap.

You might want to ask Gaz, about these people with run length problems!!!!

I'm sure only kodak can answer your problem as you've already said you can print fine with other plates.

Kodak Thermal Direct Plates are only manufactured at the Kodak plant in Windsor Colorado plant so you have been getting the same product out of the same plant.

Image wear is typically associated with imaging conditions. The plate is solely imaged using the intensity of the laser (ie, no post imaging steps required). If the imager is not set up correctly or operating incorrectly, the result can be short image wear.

The first step is to have a felid engineer (FE) check the imager to assure it is operating correctly. Next the FE will assure the imaging conditions are correctly set for the Kodak Thermal Direct plate. Improper laser power, drum speed and or surface depth can negatively affect the performance of the plate.

I did a quick check with our plate support team and they have not been forwarded any samples showing the issues from your facility. Please contact me privately and we will try to sort out your issues.


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