Export a plate from a PDF - possible in Pitstop?


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Please see the attached JPG. The image on the left is a Composite PDF which contains CMYK+TextPlate. With Pitstop (or Acrobat DC) is it possible to create 2 PDFs from this single PDF; one being the CMYK and the other being the TextPlate (as shown in the JPG). If it's not possible in Pitstop, is there any software that will do it?

Thanks in advance.


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Yep, you can do it in PitStop Gregg, if you can send me a sample file I will mail you back and Action List

Not sure on your use case for this, but an alternative might be to use layers in PDF, and turn the layers on/off as needed. But mail me the sample and we can discuss.


I'm really interested in this too!

My use case is that I print to a RIP-less risograph, so I am ultimately sending grayscale pdfs for each spot channel. Adding channel splitting to my action list would be a dream!

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