Exporting TIFFs for 3rd party Ctp?


I'm looking for info on how to go about exporting a TIFF from Xitron Navigator 7.1 R2 for output on a 3rd party device such as an Agfa Acento with a PrintDrive?


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Re: Exporting TIFFs for 3rd party Ctp?

Its pretty easy, but it depends what kind of RIP dongle you have. If its a full Dongle, it is simply a case of creating a new pagestup, and selecting the TIFF device,
Click on configure device and select your output path and options (such as compression and naming convenstions - so each file has a unique name)
Then back ib your RIP select the resolution and screening setups.

Then the only issue is networking side, making you have correct write access to access the 3rd party CTP system

sometimes the CTP system needs the file with specific nameing convention and TIFF settings, but this is very quick usually to work out by trial and error.

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Re: Exporting TIFFs for 3rd party Ctp?

Having just setup an EskoArtworks EskoSuite 7 to send TIFF's to a PrintDrive I can offer this.

1). Make sure the plate size ( the finished dimensions of the TIFF ) are exactly equal to, or slightly less than, the plate sizes setup in PrintDrive. If not the file may process into the Queue but you will not be able to select the plate in PrintDrive or output. The TIFF may have to be rotated ( 90 degrees ) upon output from your rip to be orientated correctly.

2). The naming convention of the TIFF file must meet a standard so that PrintDrive will recognize the colour name of the separation. Consult the PrintDrive manual for assistance for the convention for your particular rip. If PrintDrive does not recognize the name of the colour separation ( but the plate size is ok ) you will get a message that the file will not preview in PrintDrive correctly, but the file may be plated. If you have problems with the naming including the full name of the colour separation ( e.i , Cyan instead of C ) will work.

3.) And of coarse, though I did not run into this issue, make sure the resolution of the TIFF is supported by the PrintDrive.

4.) I found LZW compression of the TIFF files to work best.

good luck - peter


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Re: Exporting TIFFs for 3rd party Ctp?

OK Peter. You run Esko Suite 7 into an Apogee Printdrive?? May the great spirit have mercy on your soul.....

The fundamental thoughts are right on though. Some systems that take in TIFF are very sensitive to size, placement and names. Others, like Raster Blaster, are far more tolerant, perhaps to much so. For example, it'll throw a tiff to large for our Avantra44 at the image setter at which point the whole thing locks. There can also be some quirks about lead edge offsets. If you're in possession of both sets of gear you can work it out. If you're sending your tiffs out to foreign systems just nail down the resolution and size and hope for the best. For what it's worth, I've had better luck with CCIT Group 4 compression.

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