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Recently our CIP3 hard drive lost it's reboot capability. We've gotten that situation taken care of. Most of our equipment is legacy, meaning old, and the CIP3 computer had been operating through the NT operating system. We upgraded the CIP3's operating system to XP. So our problem now is we use a Harlequin Rip v5.1 networked to a DPX plate processor utilizing the CIP3 to achieve ink settings for an Hamada B452A. Graphic Micro Systems informs us that the file names are incorrect. We use a pdf workflow, the file names coming from the rip are being added to, an example would be: 18000jobname.pdf as the original file name and after the RIP processes them it adds a 1._ before the file name. So we get a ripped file name of 1._18000jobname.pdf(C).ppf and we don't get the 4 required files (CMYK) it treats them as one file. The only thing that reaches the press console is the CIP3 cyan file when all four files are processed. The CIP3 doesn't recognize these additions to the file names. Where are these file names generated by the RIP and/or/why are the altered?
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If you are using a Harlequin RIP - You may need to install page features that will allow the RIP to properly pull the jobname information from the file. You can visit our support page at:

Harlequin RIP Support - RTI Harlequin RIP Technical Support Software Support PPD Download Tutorials

then scroll down and view the header labeled "JOB NAMES WITHIN THE RIP" (under the Tips and Tricks for the Harlequin RIP section). I would recommend reading through this section as it should resolve your issue. There is a link on the support page that will take you to the page features you need.
Thanks for the return. We're running a skeleton crew right now so everybody is wearing more than two hats getting things out the door as they come in.
Our postscripter went to the link and got information there, definitely appreciated, however, I've checked and our machine doesn't have the "\RTI\" folder. I did find within the RIP510 folder the other needed folders. I'm assuming here that our system maybe "older" than another system that would have the RTI folder? I am also assuming that the zip file contents will go here in this "PageFeatures" folder. If so I'll have our postscripter drop them in and continue with the other instructions given in the tips and tricks next a.m. . Thanks again!


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It just means you are not using an RTI RIP, but you can go to the C:\RIPFOLDER\SW\PageFeatures folder. That would be the location. You will also need to unzip the files and copy the unzipped versions into the page features folder. Once that is done you can follow the instructions on the support page and it should resolve your issue.


try to remove any other names in the PDF properties

try to remove any other names in the PDF properties

try to remove any other names in the PDF properties


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