First, the post office. Now UPS


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After hearing the announcement today about the post office being 8 Billion dollars in the red last year and experiencing their service or lack of for many, it makes one wonder how they expect to ever get back in the black. Yesterday our local postal carrier brought us our mail. 50% of it, and i'm not exaggerating, belonged to other businesses in town. If this were the first time I would chalk it up to inexperience or possibly a mistake, but, after 26 years in business and many different postal employees unfortunately this happens all the time. To make matters worse, our local UPS delivery people, who for almost all the time we've been in business have now started to show up between 3 and 4 pm instead of between 10-11 am everyday. When asked why the standard answer is "well we cant change things for your business." Unfortunately talking to a supervisor is like talking to a brick wall. When your business rely's on prompt and correct delivery of the mail and timely delivery by UPS and you cannot rely on either, it's no wonder their complaints have gone thru the roof and their bottom line is dropping like "seagull poop from 10,000 ft.." Anyone else having these issues, or maybe it's just my luck. Thanks for allowing me to vent.


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Wow, its strange reading what I should have written, from someone else. Nope, your not alone. 34 years in the same location, just a few months ago I had to go to the various suites in this building to deliver the mail. What cracks me up is the postal service has/had the infrastructure to do what UPS does. But they are such a P.I.T.A. there is no business person willing to put up with their attitude and behavior, after all, shame on me for disturbing them during conversations, or bringing them work to do.. I am only the customer. As far as UPS, I have always had a bone to pick with those people, got a bit too big for their britches, very happy to find various services, courier services, etc that enjoy us sending them work. And UPS wonders why we are now at half what we use to be. Not to mention, I don't have to worry about the "too bad so sad" letter that goes out every holiday that states, they basically won't insure anything during that period, so if it gets lost, they don't care. After all, they are UPS they don't have to care. Sorry about the continuing rant, but thanks for letting me vent too!!


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My Fedex rep says UPS is spread way too thin now and they will have some interesting changes ahead of them. Of course that is their competition talking some smack though. I think that USPS has dug into the UPS market pretty good. But just like any other business you can't try to make money on volume and not charge something relatively close to what the market demands. Oh that's right, the USPS is allowed to lose money haha.


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I know USPS is not replacing many employees as they retire or move on, this places an extra burden on current employees, after they finish their route they continue working on a route that is not their own. This may be an explanation for the later delivery times.

On the issue of not getting the right mail, I have also seen this increase considerably. IMO this is a result of the carrier(s) not caring, i.e. a lack of work ethic. I see it everywhere I go, no reason to assume the USPS is not the same as everywhere else.

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