Flexo Screen Angle for Single Color


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We output our photopolymer plates using these flexo screen angles:
C=22.5 M=82.5 Y=7.5 K=52.5

What is the best angle to use for a non-process (spot only) single-color screen? 45 degrees is what we used in offset, any recommendations? Is it best to stick with the black angle (52.5)?

Second question:

What screen angles do people use for flexo, but on C1S Card Stock, UV inks? Same flexo angles as above?



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as long as u use 2400 DPI, mentioned screen angles are ok. you can use black angle since you are using single color.

rich apollo

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I would run a single color job at 45 degrees. That will give you cleaner looking edges on screened elements. Imagine a screened rectangle. The sides will appear to have a "wobble" to them if screened at any angle but 90 (0) or 45.

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