Flint Sheetfed Ink & Coating Prices Increase for No. America


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Flint Group Commercial (CPS) are announcing price increases across their Sheetfed Inks & Coatings throughout North America.

Facing an extremely difficult set of circumstances—aggravated by Covid-19—Flint Group has been faced with cost increases across the full breadth of the supply chain, from raw materials to logistics. Reasons given include—
  • Global shortages of key raw materials used in ink manufacturing, such as pigments, resins and chemicals;
  • Disruption caused to global logistics, including rising freight costs & availability;
  • Shortage of Packaging materials—driving further cost increases.
Price increases will be in effect for all Sheetfed Inks & Coatings sold, starting: April 01, 2021 or by contract. Please direct questions to your local sales representative.

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