Folding carton software

Al Ferrari

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Do they ship it in boxes made by use of their own product, or is their software available only as a download?


Stephen Marsh

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As an AU distributor of Arden Impact Designer software, I would recommend giving this product a good look.

Stephen Marsh

Al Ferrari

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And how do they ship that one Stephen?

I ask in seriousness, as I would expect that a publisher of such a product would include the choosing of suppliers in their efforts to promote the use of their own product. Or is their purchasing department guided by price alone?

All of us involved in printing, if we are serious about our work, should be striving for its growth.


Stephen Marsh

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Hi Al, I hear what you are saying and feel the irony!

It has been an escalating industry trend for many SW vendors to first do away with printed manuals, and to provide a PDF version… then to provide SW downloads instead of boxed copies, or a DVD version with minimal packaging, or a USB stick etc.

Stephen Marsh


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My organization uses both software packages mentioned. As far as I'm concerned they have strengths and weaknesses all based upon what you're trying to do. Also the arden package is quite good too, but it also has some weaknesses. To really answer the question fairly you need to describe what you're trying to accomplish.



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I have used both also, though I'm not familiar with Arden. As jlee said, it depends on what you are trying to do.
But, if cost is an issue, then definitely Cimex. MUCH cheaper than Artios.

What are your goals for the software?
Hello Yooper (Prepress),

Just as an additional choice for your list of folding carton software alternatives - you might consider 'StylKit' from MetamationGS.



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You can check also the SignaPack Pro or Packaging Pro from Heidelberg .

Check both animations generated on SignaPackPro , this software is very easy to work .

Ask for a demo on your Heidelberg agency .


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Hi Padrao
We are thinking to buy the SignaPack Pro, we are printers of packaging. We have the demo and we find it very difficult to use. The 1up or the layout made in Autocad have many things to fix, and we spend a lot of time fix it. We find most practical the way we do it today with Signa Station 10. Do you know how we can import layout with minimum time spending?
Thanks in advance.

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