Font issues with FlightCheck and InDesign CS2


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Has anyone else noticed font issues between these 2 apps?

I am running InDesign CS2 and FlightCheck v 5.80.

The problems I am having is that I am getting incredibly inconsistent font results when FlightChecking ID files, meaning, certain fonts that are in the document are not showing up in FlightCheck. Also, fonts that are showing up are not always being collected. Just really random stuff, enough to be a big pain in the ass though.

Any advice? FlightCheck v 5.80 is said to completely support Creative Suite 2, so it shouldn't be a versioning issue.



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Re: Font issues with FlightCheck and InDesign CS2

Hi Gregg,
I think it's safe to assume it's a problem in Flightcheck. I would remove unused style/character sheets and run Pro 6.0 and still picks up hidden fonts/color that I can't locate anywhere within layout files. If I have time, I would take a step further and create a proper PDF and preflight that as well and go by the final preflight results in PDF instead.

I think there is only so much one can do to keep native files clean, beyond that, it's Flightcheck being nip picking.


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Re: Font issues with FlightCheck and InDesign CS2

Hey Tech,

Yes, I agree, I feel it is a FlightCheck issue. Although, one that I only get when FlightChecking ID files, never had an issue with Quark and FC.

I think I may need to upgrade to FC 6.0 and see if that helps.


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