Formax FD 120 or Duplo CC288 - Business Card Slitters/cutter - advice required

I need some advice as to which slitter I should buy, as this is a expensive purchase and I don't want to have any regrets.
I run a 2 man operation offering visual communication services, including digital printing and copy services.
I find that cutting business cards can be quite consuming using my Challenger Spartan cutter.
My question is: Will purchasing a Formax FD 120 or Duplo C288, free me up, and will these machines really give me professional, accurate cut business cards every time?
Also does anyone have any "hands-on" experience using these type of machines, and how reliable are they (as servicing will be a major hassle and expense) as I am far away from any dealers?

Thank you in advance.

Brett S

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check out the RB Sun Enterprises slitters. They have a few different versions (with and without gutters, 10-up and 12 up) and all are cost effective. The machines come with two parts, one to do the initial cut (cards in strips) and one to finish the cards. The machines are connected and slide back and forth. We have not purchased the machine yet but it will be our next purchase. In regards to service you would ship the entire machine back to them for service, it is a table top unit. Check it out on their website/youtube.
It depends on how many business cards you handle. We have a CC-330 and I do about 20 x 500 cards a day. The biggest upside is that it frees up our hydraulic cutter for other things. If we had to use the hydraulic cutter to cut business cards, the blade would need to be sharpened more often and the bindery person would have a lot more on his/her plate.

Dedicated slitters often produce a more "consistent" cut every time, whereas a hydraulic cutter will depend on the operator. A "square" hydraulic cutter will always cut better, IMO.

The major downside to a business card slitter is that the template for the slitter has to either be manually imposed by a human or the digital press has to be able to match the template in the RIP software or other imposition software. DO NOT underestimate this part. If you have to spend time imposing it in software then it outweighs the benefits of having a slitter as you are now spending time imposing cards. If the imposing is automated or easy to do in RIP, then go for it.
Both the Formex and the Duplo feed the card stock into the machine as a portrait rather than landscape. In other words, the 8.5 is fed headfirst into the machine. If you're printing on 8.5 X 11 card stock, the grain will be long. So if you're printing the cards 10 up, 2 X 5, the cards wind up wimpy.
If you're interested, we have a Thermotype Quad 12 in storage. We didn't get to use it that much during the ten years we used it, maybe that's why we're no longer in business as Golden Impressions. With the Thermotype, you can run a 12 up landscape card and adjust the skew if the card isn't dead on straight.You can contact us at for pictures and more information. Cost will be no where a new machine. Roger
Thanks for all your advice. I ending up up getting a sweet deal on a Formax. Now I look forward to business card and post card orders :)

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