Free NPRC—2021 Digital Color Pricing Survey for Participants


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In exchange for participating in NPRC 's 2021 Digital Pricing Survey, participants will get their own report, at no charge.

The following is preliminary data, with the possibility of some outliers throwing off initial averages. These outliers are corrected or eliminated in the final report. Some data highlights gathered so far from the current 2021 Digital Pricing Survey:
  • Average Sales of participants—$720,000;
  • Highest sales (so far)—$2,550,000, Lowest—$175,000;
  • 82% of participants are Independents, the remaining 18% are franchisees;
  • Average hourly graphics charge—$83;
  • Average hourly charge for complex design services—$93;
  • Participants say approximately 63% of all digital files are customer provided;
  • 16.5% of total digital volume incorporates variable data;
  • 100# coated stock, 11x17”, 4/0, full-bleed—Av. Price $330.25;
  • 1M 4x9” Rack Cards, 4/0, full bleed, on 100# Ctd. Cov. Av.—$201.28;
  • 5M 6x9” Post Cards, 4/4, full-bleed on 100# Coated Cov., Av.—$808.45.
Two ways to Participate in the final Report:
Deadline for submitting surveys is Jan. 31, 2021.
You have until Jan. 31st to complete your survey & will receive your own copy of the final report FREE of charge.

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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