Fuji acquires RAMPAGE's support contracts


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I went to RAMPAGE's website this afternoon and was surprised by the message I saw, it is below.
Does anyone have anymore details about this?
Is the RAMPAGE workflow going to continue being developed?
What about Fuji's XMF workflow that they been developing?


December 5, 2013
To our valued customers,
Effective as of December 2, 2013, FUJIFILM North America Corp., Graphic Systems Division, acquired the support contracts for Rampage CTP software products. Accordingly, effective immediately, Fujifilm will be responsible for providing you with technical support for your Rampage hardware and software systems.
Many of the existing Rampage systems were originally sold by Fujifilm, and Fujifilm's financial strength and commitment to this market is demonstrated by this acquisition. The new agreement is a positive step in the long-standing distribution relationship between our companies, and Fujifilm is well positioned to continue to provide technical service and support for all Rampage installed systems.
Going forward, telephone support for Rampage Systems will be provided by the same support specialists that have supported you for years. Even the phone number remains unchanged.
Many of the short-term specifics will be outlined in a correspondence from Todd Zimmerman, Vice President and General Manager at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division.
We want to thank you for your many years of support, and your continued success with your Rampage workflow system.
Kevin McSweeney
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I don't know any more than what was in the email they sent. It sounds like it's just a contract for their telephone support. I sure hope so. God forbid Fuji ever be in charge of Rampage development. If so, I guess we'll have to learn Prinergy . . .


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I'll bet that doesn't last long. Soon they'll have the same overstretched people at 800.FlyFuji (who already support Screen, Acuity, Inca, Xerox, Jpress etc) add Rampage to their book of phone script troubleshooting steps.


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I am not a RAMPAGE user, never have been and probably never will be. I am in no way compensated by Fujifilm but I am a long-timed customer. That out of the way...

Chasfinch said:
it says same customer support people. Who knows what the deal is.
I asked about this out of curiosity and was told that the support guys walked out of a RAMPAGE office into a Fujifilm office. Why? Your guess is as good as mine but I think to start it might have something to do with a specialized small software firm trying to compete in a cut-throat, small-margin, shrinking industry.

kansasquaker said:
I'll bet that doesn't last long. Soon they'll have the same overstretched people at 800.FlyFuji (who already support Screen, Acuity, Inca, Xerox, Jpress etc) add Rampage to their book of phone script troubleshooting steps.
I've had nothing but absolutely stellar service from Fujifilm. Literally, zero bad experiences from the service/support team in 10 years. I cannot say the same about their competitors.


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Maybe Ajr has some info on this?

I dont as Im in the UK I think this is just the states. Rampage has alawys been supported by Fuji here and they do a great job. I would think Fuji have probably brought them it makes sense. Im now on XMF its ok but I miss Rampage.


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I am on Nexus but need to upgrade. It is as expensive as a new rip. XMF wasn't a deal either. I am looking at a used Rampage but I am concerned about their future. Does anyone know much about the Xitron Navagator or Sierra?


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I was told by a FujiFilm regional manager and my csr that RamPage will NOT be developed further. XMF will be their alternative. How long will they continue to support RamPage? That's anybody's guess, but I would assume they will be dropping support sooner-rather-than-later so they can really push XMF. I wish they would have clued me in to this BEFORE we upgraded RamPage last March!


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I just talked to my Fuji guy and got the lowdown on this whole mess. Rampage wanted to get out of the printing industry and go into Space Communications. So Fuji bought out the support contracts so those of us with RAMpage that was sold by Fuji wouldn't go without support. Fuji is now trying to buy the
pattens for the software but negotiations are breaking down over price, Rampage thinks their software is worth more than Fuji wants to pay. The bottom line is Fuji wants to put out a new system that combines both Rampage and XMF so they can sell to package printers who don't like XMF. Anyway thats the word I got.
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"Space Communications"? The owner of Rampage is 74 years old, he wants to spend time with his grand kids, can you blame him. Is it possible XMF will ultimately replace Rampage? who can say at this point. The software engineers are still there and they are continuing to develop fixes for version 12 bugs that are out there and will continue to develop version 13. Rampage is great software with a very large install base. Until Fuji can demonstrate that XMF can do everything that Rampage can (Multi-burn, object based screening, etc) I will stick with Rampage until whatever happens, happens.


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Thanks, Macphenom. As key developer of Rampage and its features, I very much appreciated your comments.
The short of it is that our management knew for a long time that we needed to transition to digital press support and had a shot or two at just that.
Ultimately digital press manufacturers want to sell their own bundled rip and also don't entirely appreciate their heritage and similarity with traditional prepress.


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No problem Mitch. Its easy to say good things about a product that works. Ive been a user for almost 15 years and I have zero complaints.


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Tried and true, with thousands of installs in Europe and Asia, how bad could XMF be? We should all be used to the continual technological changes that keep helping companies improve their bottom line. I find XMF interesting, Rampage has had a good run, maybe it's time to move over and let progress take place?


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yah its always sad to see something that works go away. But I am always looking forward to learning something new :)


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The sad part for me is we will never update or change unless Rampage somehow stops working, or we start getting in work again. It's so slow here I wonder if we will still be here next month.

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