Fuji Luxel F 9000 Image Setter Data Transmission problem due to SCSI Card.


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Dear Sir,
I am in a trouble with my PCI SCSI card used with operating PC of Fuji Luxel F 9000 Image Setter. The original Card was LSI Logic (Symbios) LSI 8751D. It is not available in Bangladesh. I replace it with Adaptec PCI Ultra 2944UW. It is working but very slow data transmission. Anybody suggest me which kind of SCSI card I can replace in place of LSI 8751D. Please mention the Brand & Model number. We are using RIP Version 6.1 with Fuji Luxel F 9000.


You have to upgrade SCSI DRIVER. You do not use Microsoft driver. have to use Adaptec in RIP CD


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Do you have SERVICE MANUAL FOR F9000 OR CTP MANUAL ? If you need to manual I can send to you.

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Dear all Senor member
I'm new for this site and I need somebody help me please. My boss has bought a used "FUJI F-9000 sereis" image setter and after installation it can work properly for a month.
Now it has a problem it can not start boot up . When I switched on it try to boot up and then strucked on step as shown in video . I don't know what happen or what's part was damaged?.FUJI f-9000
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