FUJIFILM Luxel F-9000 machine processor AP1250X main motor not working

Dear All

Hello , Now I am working Fujifilm Luxcel F-9000 machine processor its not moving . Model No AP1250X
Main DC motor not working ....if any body can give me advice that's very Grateful to me ....

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Hi sir
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Please measure the Voltage at terminal of Motor with DMM (digital multimeter) see the Voltage DC indicated in ID plate
of the motor.
1) If there are Voltage as Indicated the Motor is Faulty: Problem Mechanical( ball bearing, shaft , LUBE) +Electrical Problem Winding Overheating or Burned, Brushes if use.

2) If there are Not voltage problem can be Power supply or some wires looses, or connector loose, or some C.breaker or fuse open.
if the fuse is open Measure continuity with the DMM, and replace, if the c. breaker is tripped Reset again. .

Let me know.

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