Functions of electronic boards.


We have a QS3200 here which has been giving me a hard time the past few months due to colour dropouts and now possibly electrical problems, can someone explain to me what the functions of the following boards are, ie, what do they do...

Digital board,
Analogue board,
(super)Mux board,
Backplane board,



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You would need a service manual to figure out what these boards do exactly, as they most likely control multiple functions/sensors on the machine


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Make sure the pixel board is seated into the motherboard very well as well as the four sticks of memory are snugly seated. The software side computer can cause many funky issues with print quality and dropout type issues. Vibrations over time can wiggle boards and cables loose on those boards. Also check to make sure the static eliminator bars are working, they can short out very easy if cables aren't routed correctly, and if not working it will cause bad color dropouts, especially during these dry winter months. Last thing is check to make sure you aren't getting oil into your compressed air lines, the main air filter won't stop oil only a oil seperator setup outside the machine will prevent it from getting to different printer components like getting to the carriage vac , or even worse into the 2nd ink tanks through the purge air line.

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