FusionPro vs Freeform Create...


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We have been using FP for many years, but the speed is a constant frustration. I am wondering if anyone has switched to EFI Freeform Create and if so, what their experience has been.


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We were using it consistently for about 2 months, then it randomly stopped working. I wasn't able to pinpoint any software changes that made this happen on either of the two machines we were using but it stopped working on both at the same time. Updating everything on both machines didn't fix the problem (listed below).

We'd send a file over and it would only print one record per sheet instead of 4-up (or whatever it was supposed to be) when imposed. The top corner would have one record and the other four corners would be blank.

It was a lot faster to process the job in the fiery which we loved but I couldn't get it working again. I haven't tried again since then (this was maybe 4 months ago).


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Hi kdw,

You mentioned speed issues with your FP software. I have FP running on model year 2012 Mac Pro with an SSD and it's nice and speedy. We started FP on Windows but found it to work considerably faster on a Mac.

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I tried out Freeform create, but found the interface was horrible, so still using HP Smartstream for now. We do have XMPie, which we use for our online store, but I haven't used it for VDP


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PSL Pagebuilder will put Fusion Pro to shame when it comes to speed. I'm talking 1000's of records per second fast.


I can't see anyone who thinks FP is slow going to Freeform Create. The interface is garbage and is nowhere near as powerful and flexible as FusionPro. I'm with prepressdork, I'm running FP 12.1.0 on a 2013 iMac with a non-SSD drive and 24GB of Ram. I don't really have any issues processing files.


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