G7 Certification and file prep for Vinyl printers?


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I have a graphic designer that is working on signage for client that expects critical color. For that reason, they asked the following questions:
  • How should they prep my designs for high quality vinyl printing?
  • Are there specifications that they should follow specific for vinyl signage; 300 res, RGB, Color Profile?
  • How would they locate a quality printer/installer in Manhattan, (designer is in the mid west)


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I only worked for a large format for a little while and am not as knowledgeable as many on this forum, but did set up G7 for my small presses and came to dislike G7... my service techs' boss used G7 as an excuse to not keep the machines maintained as well.

If I had to do your project, i'd print swatches on the substrate to manually calibrate colors and then check color throughout the run. If the end client can, I'd have them check and approve color swatches. I'm assuming it's branding?

Lastly, will the end product be used in multiple environments? Will the environments have consistent lighting? If some are outdoors and some indoors, then I'd have my client approve swatches for the appropriate environments. Outdoors can be really different from indoor fluorescent lights.


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