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Wondered if anyone wanted to let me know if our recent supplier price increases were out of line for these times. We use a lot of 26x40 100# Gloss Cover. Last Summer we were paying $240/M when ordering a skid each month from our normal supplier. Then last November they said the price jumped to $340/M, so we switched to Veritiv, who was willing to sell at $306/M. Then this month Veritiv bumped our price to $385/M.


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We don't deal in parent sheets but our most recent order of 12x18 100# Gloss Cover was $117/1000. So take that 4 out and doesn't seem that bad. But were not ordering a skid of it either. We actually dont go through that much cover stock save for a few random orders. Doesn't seem far out of line with the norm right now.


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Even at an average of say, $35/M, that's still only $0.35 cents per sheet of 26x40 C2S cover. Not too bad, considering.

When put into another perspective, I've had the (dis)pleasure of working with press crews that have thrown an entire skid that needs to be backed up, into the press feeder (accidentally reversing the grip), and then proceeded to run the whole pile out without ever double checking to see if it was backing up correctly. That's 3,250 sheets of 28x40 cover that may as well have been delivered right into the garbage. But thanks to stock being priced the way that it is, that’s only $1,100.00 burned off in a little under 20 minutes... no they weren’t the only ones who ever did this and yes they got to keep their jobs, just so they could do it all again, a couple months later.

You can't make this stuff up!
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