Gloss Cover Prices...


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Wondered if anyone wanted to let me know if our recent supplier price increases were out of line for these times. We use a lot of 26x40 100# Gloss Cover. Last Summer we were paying $240/M when ordering a skid each month from our normal supplier. Then last November they said the price jumped to $340/M, so we switched to Veritiv, who was willing to sell at $306/M. Then this month Veritiv bumped our price to $385/M.


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We don't deal in parent sheets but our most recent order of 12x18 100# Gloss Cover was $117/1000. So take that 4 out and doesn't seem that bad. But were not ordering a skid of it either. We actually dont go through that much cover stock save for a few random orders. Doesn't seem far out of line with the norm right now.


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Oddly, the skid of 80# Gloss text we got in today, 25x38, was a couple dollars a thousand cheaper. lol


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I've been seeing $98-104/cwt for coated stock after the most recent increases. So $385/m for 26x40 #100 cover is totally reasonable. In fact, I'd bet it will be even higher the next time you order. Less than 18 months ago we were paying $58/cwt - it's completely bonkers.

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