Glunz-Jensen Scrub Cover


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Good morning.
We are in search of a scrub cover for our Gunz-Jensen plate processor, and are having a bit of trouble finding them
What are you using and where do you get them?



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All quartz-III owners I know use whatever moleton sleeve they can find at local offset materials suppliers, make sure you order rolls at correct diameter I believe it's 60 mm IIRC. Since not all materials are the same and some may flatten out sooner than others, replace at every other chemistry change. Secure both ends with nylon tie wraps.
Tip, do not cut to size before use. If moleton gets soiled quickly you may need to install the best rollers after the developer section, the post-dev roller set is important to squeeze plates properly in order to reduce residue carry-on.

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What about Profitability?
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