GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

Which color proofing system?

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I've used ORIS and I don't like how it behaves with Pantone transparencies, and I'm always getting dE values over 2 or 3, where GMG prints from clients are always under dE 2.
I don't know EFI.
...thus I go with GMG, because is the de facto standard.


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You prefer explaining moiré to the designer of the fashion catalog you’ve just printed ?

I've freshly argued with a client complaining about the low quality of his images on our color proof - hard to tell him the print will not be better.


I resell ProofMaster and their big brother PrintFactory here in N America.
can’t beat it. The color engine is as good as any. Spot color tuning is phenomenal.
man’s for what the cost is. You would not believe it.


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Just to clarify my response to Mr Jahn ("and 'some' people want dots ( not me )")...
A (contract) proof isn't just for color. One of its key functions is to assign liability if the presswork does not align with the proof.
If you are printing with an AM/XM halftone and you are only proofing for color then you may incur liability for the job if there is, for example, screening or subject moiré in the presswork that is not predicted/simulated in the proof. If your presswork is FM/stochastic screened then proofing for color only is not an issue.

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