Go Fold It - Software for creating Interactive 3D Brochure Demos


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Hey guys,

I had heard from a friend in the business that they found themselves in situations where they were printing out B&W proofs and then recording video on their iPhones folding and unfolding them as a way to get alignment with the client on how a brochure was supposed to be folded.

As a software guy, I found myself really interested in trying to create an online tool that solved this issue and so I wound up creating http://gofoldit.com

It's finally gotten to the point where I feel comfortable sharing it out, and figured that some of you here might be interested in using it.

You can try out the demo here (Fold Creator - Go Fold It), you can see some examples that users created here (Gallery - Go Fold It), and if you are interested in creating an account you can do that from the homepage, which will allow you to import your own stuff for folding (http://gofoldit.com).

Hope it can be useful to some of you. Happy to hear any feedback or requests.



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What about Profitability?
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