Grand-kids are priceless - true story


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On a recent stay over at our house, my 6-year old grandson was playing games on the home computer and complaining about how slow the speed of the communication was. I told him to just be patient, the screens will refresh at the maximum speed possible of our DSL internet provider.

After about 10-minutes I went in the home-office to check in on him. I panicked when I saw that he had removed all the post-it notes affixed to the edges of the monitor containing all his Grandmommy's and my log-ins, User-Id's and passwords to our various bank account sites, credit cards, insurance accounts, HR benefit accounts, etc.

Me - putting both hands on top of my head: "What have you done!?!?!", "Where are all the post-it notes!?!"

Grandson: "They are right here, Pa-Pa. (pointing to the stack on the desk off to the side). I figured it out. Grandmommy's computer was so slow because she had too much stuff on it."

-True Story ---- I couldn't be angry, his logic was sound, and, I was too busy laughing.
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