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Anyone coming to Graph Expo? I'd like to meet some planeteers (I guess we're all planeteers now..........). I'll be working at booth 5838 with Callas and Gradual Software (just to disclose).


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The WTT/PP crew will be at 5651...mostly shooting video, but all are welcome to drop by. Maybe one night we can have a real-life lounge with actual beers. ;-)


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Hey Matt,

Will do my best to swing by........... lot to look at with not enough time.

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Re: Graph Expo

I'll be there

(assuming, of course, someone sends me a plane ticket).

Re: Graph Expo

ha! i hear you man. the boss takes my boss who has absolutely no technical knowledge to go look at a heidelberg 74di. go figure. dont ask the guy that set up your entire plant to come for advice.....

god i hate where i work sometimes.

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