Graphic Whizard PT 335 AKF Creaser Folder, opinions on operation, machine

Prepress Andrew

New member
Hello All, I'm curious to know, from anyone with experience running the Graphic Whizard PT 335 AKF creaser/folder, how the machine runs, how it behaves, how it compares up to other devices in its class. I've seen a few demos that make it look great, but I'm really curious about how it does out in the real world.


We have been running one since December of 2019. I have no complaints about this machine. We score and fold from 60 pound text to 130 pound cover with no problems. You just have to use the right dies for text or cover. The creases and folds are very clean and consistent. We haven't had a single breakdown since it was installed.

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What about Profitability?
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