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We have a UV Coater that's coming off a lease (which means we can finally sell it) BUT has been sitting in a warehouse being stored since mid-2018. Located in Portland Metro Area in the United States.
  • It was used for less than a year.
  • We moved locations in 2018 and we didn't have room in our new location, we never installed the right power plugins for the machine in our new location.
  • We don't have a way to power it on and confirm it's running.
  • It's currently located in a Xerox storage warehouse right now that we don't have access to (because of Covid Restrictions) to get in and test it or take additional photos of it.
  • Xerox has agreed to help get it palleted up and ready for transportation. Seller is 100% responsible for shipping logistics.
  • We're selling this as-is, where-is with exactly ZERO guarantees about running condition.
Full Transparency:
  • No idea if it works, it was working when we put it in storage.
  • I can confirm that at least one roller is damaged and should be replaced.
    • It was leaving a single tiny line on jobs, you could move 12x18 sheets over to miss the line, so we kept using the roller as-is when we put it into storage.
  • If I remember right there was a burned hole in part of the belt/netting that didn't affect operation/usage of the machine.
  • I honestly don't know what effect sitting and doing nothing for 4 years has had on the machine/rollers/pumps etc.
  • If I were you, I'd expect to have to put $$ into the machine to get it up and running but this could be a great opportunity for a shop that needs this machine has the expertise to fix it up.

Reasonably motivated to sell, send an offer.

Pictures attached are what a Xerox rep was able to get into the warehouse and take pics of, photos were taken September 20th. They should have an exit tray as well but I think the Rep didn't know to look for it, the exit tray collapses and was wrapped up separately. The entrance tray folds down in the front so it's definitely attached to the machine.


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