Greek character encoding for heidelberg toolbox vdp editor


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Hi all,

I runned into a serious problem.

If my excel-csv file contains english characters everything works fine.

When i try to make a vdp file with greek characters i get ''chinese'' instead.

I don't even know were to start from.

I thought that character encoding is standard unicode for all software lately and problems like this were over, but that's not the case.

Any kind of help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Checking out the dropbox link, i see that the problem lies in the excel export....
I think this must be the same problem for all non latin characters encoding ( Kyrilic etc ) so if any user has an idea how to deal with it, i'm all ears!


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I don't see any Greek or Chinese characters in either of those. The CSV file could look different to different viewers, depending on assumed encoding. The two documents mostly match from my perspective, though there are a few discrepancies. Was the CSV file created by the Heidelberg software? Try to post a screenshot image of the same thing before and after the bad encoding conversion (Greek vs. Chinese) - images are pretty much guaranteed to look the same to all viewers.


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The csv file was exported from excel.

With ''chinese'' i mean characters with wrong encoding, that's why i use quotes.

I'll upload shortly the before and after files.

I tried saving utf 8, didn't see any 16 option but i'give it a try

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