Hallmark, Hostess & Rapida-106 share iconic history


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Kansas City, home to some of the nation’s most iconic brands, is the headquarters of Allied Litho—a 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] generation commercial printer—celebrating their 70th anniversary in business. “One of our first clients in 1949 was Hallmark Cards,” says Tim Heier, Allied Litho’s CEO.

A repeat Koenig & Bauer customer, Allied recently ordered a specially-configured 41”, Rapida 106 press that prints on paper, plastics and board. The UV equipped press is also fitted with Koenig & Bauer automation & technology tools, 6-printing units, a coating unit, another printing unit, and a second coating unit. This configuration provides Allied with the ability to produce a broad range of substrates ranging from 60 lb. label up to 48 pts. on paper, plastics and packaging.

Speed was of prime importance to Allied in choosing the new 41” press—fast turnaround, fast makeready, flexibility to switch between a variety of different jobs and improved efficiency. Allied estimates their new Rapida 106 will be 50% faster than their existing 40” press, due to inline color control & registration automation tools. The new 106 also provides fully-automatic plate change in under 2-minutes. Delivery is scheduled for Summer-2019.


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10 micron FM!
Wonder why they didn't stay with MAN for their new press.
Hope they fix their website (slow to load, incompatible with google maps, lacking in information)

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